What should I expect when visiting the Downtown Wellness Centre?

If you have never experienced Chiropractic Care what should you expect the first time you visit the Chiropractor? Questions we recently asked Dr. B and here is what he had to say on the matter:

Here's the transcript in case you missed it:

Hi, I'm Dr. Raminder Badyal from the Downtown Wellness Centre. I'm a Chiropractor here.

What should I expect when visiting the Downtown Wellness Centre?

Well first and foremost like I mentioned before, we have a very professional and relaxed setting here. From a patient perspective you're coming in here to get treatment. And hopefully get better with whatever you're dealing with. So first and foremost when you see us, we'll do a full history with you to make sure that we, not only have figured out what's going on and get all the details as to what's going on right now, but also to get a history of what's going on in the past. Lifestyle issues, nutrition issues, exercise issues, what kind of activities you're used to conduct, and so on and so forth.

From there what we'll do is we'll go into a full exam, physical examination of the area that is causing you distress. And the idea behind that is to actually ascertain exactly what's going on from a health perspective. Or an anatomical level.

Once we do that we'll discuss exactly what is actually going on with you, with regards to your complaint and exactly how we're going to go about fixing it in the short term.

So that would be the first visit. After we've done that of course we're going to execute a plan of management which we'll actually treat you for hopefully on the first visit if it's indicated. And get you on the road to wellness and a road to pain free recovery.

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