What Is Holistic Medicine And The Philosophy Behind It?

Holistic medicine is also known as naturopathy, and deals with wellness and healing. It is not merely a treatment plan, it is also a philosophy and way of life. The entire person is considered in the process, which includes one’s mind, body, spirit, and emotions. As a result, treatment plans lead to optimal physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health. This philosophy is based on the law of nature, which states that the whole is made up of interdependent parts. For instance, Earth consists of land, water, air, animals and plants, and if life is to continue to thrive on it then each of these systems must work together. If certain plants die, or the water supply is severely depleted, then there would be serious repercussions on Earth’s ecosystem.

Holistic doctors, or practitioners, believe that if parts of one’s body, mind, spirit, or emotions are out of balance then it too will affect other parts of the body and have a negative impact on one’s health and wellness. Illnesses and premature death are associated with our lifestyle choices. Imbalances could cause, among other problems, stress, headaches and migraines, arthritis, depression, fatigue, problems with PMS, or other general pain. Contributing factors to these problems include smoking, eating harmful foods, not exercising, and having low self-esteem. The goal of holistic medicine is to achieve a balance in one’s life.

Doctors can use different methods to relieve the pain. In a previous article, Why Choose Naturopathic Medicine? we discuss some of these methods. Many treatments involve changes to one’s lifestyle and diet, and are alternative methods to prescription or non-prescription drugs. As a result, personal commitment and proper choices allow a person to take charge of his or her own life and start to feel better. The point of holistic medicine is to actually fix the underlying cause of the condition, rather than just mask the symptoms with painkillers or the like.

Love and support are also very important to the philosophy behind holistic medicine. Since the mind, spirit, and emotions are concerned with one’s health and well being, it goes without saying that happiness can affect one’s health. Therefore, choosing holistic medicine can help you achieve a happier state of mind. In turn, you will be on the proper track to health and wellness.

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