June 4, 2013

Skinny Foods For Summer – Pine Nuts, Who Knew?

Who knew that those tasty little nuts often thrown into homemade pesto sauce actually turn on hormones to make a person feel full?

Researchers found that women who consumed the active ingredient in pine nuts reduced their food intake by 36%.

These nuts are on Dr. Oz’s list of foods that have properties in the body to help “Eat Yourself Skinny”.He lists the amount needed to suppress hunger is 2 ounces, or a shot glass full every day.This hits on a very important point – if we allow ourselves to get too hungry, poor nutritional choices are made by quick decisions and can lead to unwanted results.By choosing foods that increase satiety (sensation of being full), a better balanced diet is easier to achieve.

One food that did not make the list is peas.When looking at protein powders, choosing one with that includes pea protein is a smart decision as it will promote satiety and help get you through until the next snack or meal. Many professional weight loss powders or metabolism-regulating powders include pea protein such as Xymogen’s Opti Cleanse-GH.If you would like to sample Chocolate (very tasty, even just mixed with cold water) or Vanilla Opti Cleanse-GH please contact our office at (604) 687-5712.

To read about more foods on Dr. Oz’s list such as watermelon, chia seeds, fennel tea and beans, click here for the full list

June 4, 2013