Meet Dr Badyal (Video)

Have you Met Your Chiropractor?

We can talk about chiropractic care all day. We could tell you how important it is to see a chiropractor. To make sure you visit the chiropractor regularly and to take care of your health in a pro-active manner. But while searching online, how many chiropractors have you really met?

Allow us to introduce to you Dr Raminder Badyal of the Downtown Wellness Centre

For those without speakers, the text below will let you know what is being said.

Dr Badyal Interview Text

Hi, I'm Dr. Raminder Badyal from the Downtown Wellness Centre. I'm a chiropractor here.

Question: Why Did You Become A Chiropractor?

Many, many years ago I had the privilege of actually visiting a chiropractor when I was a young man playing soccer in Kamloops. And ever since then I always had a fascination towards treating the body per se, and also from an athletes perspective chiropractic for me it made me a better athlete and kept me injury free. It kept me performing at a high-level. From there on in, going through University, I've always been a bit of a people person and as a chiropractor I
have... I guess I have been very lucky to meet lots of people on an everyday basis. I get to be enlightened by people and I always get to meet new people so it's been a fantastic career choice for me.

Question: Have you always been in Vancouver?

I went to school in Vancouver at UBC and then finished up my chiropractic program in Toronto in 1987 I moved back here, and have been in full time practice in Vancouver since.

I actually grew up in Kamloops which is about three hours north of Vancouver. Arrived in Vancouver at a relatively
young age of 17 and never have left per se other than when I went to school in Toronto.

This wasn't our only conversation with Dr Badyal that day. Stay tuned to hear more great information right from the source.

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