Is Chiropractic Care Safe For Children?

Continuing our series of questions for Dr. Badyal, we were curious about the practicality of chiropractic care for some. A child's spine is very different from a fully formed one. Should we avoid the chiropractor until a certain age?

As always, our favourite local Vancouver Chiropractor Dr. Badyal was able to explain.  Check out the video below for his answer or you can read the transcript below.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe For Children?

(For those who don't have access to the audio of the video above, we have provided the transcript below in order to follow along)

In our office, we see children, we see elite athletes, we see weekend warriors. We see all types of family members whether they be old or young, so absolutely. It's very safe to have your children come in to have chiropractic care.

Of course everybody that comes into the office is treated differently in the sense that everybody is an individual everybody has different needs and as such we provide custom care to the type of individual that actually arrives at our office based on what's going on with their health.

-End of Video-

Dr. Badyal brings up a very important point in this video, and it applies to more than just our children. Everybody is an individual. Being treated as an individual is important in everyday interactions, but it's even more important when we are looking after our health. The conversation we have with our doctor before a treatment plan ever begins is one of the most important conversations we will have in the office. We need to feel confident that our doctor has heard our concerns, has an understanding of our history, and is able to explain our treatment in a way that makes us comfortable with their care.

We'll have another chiropractic video question and answer to share with you on Friday, so stay tuned, and stay healthy Vancouver.

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