Is Chiropractic Care Safe During a Pregnancy?

When Dr. Badyal sat down to answer questions about chiropractic care in front of a camera, he was not prepared ahead of time for what questions might come up. But when he was asked about chiropractic care for women in the middle of a pregnancy term, the answer came incredibly easy. Check out the video, and if you don't have access to volume, you can read the context of the video below.

Hi, I'm Dr. Raminder Badyal from the Downtown Wellness Centre. I'm a chiropractor here.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe During a Pregnancy?

Absolutely. One of my favorite patients to treat are pregnant women.

If a woman is pregnant, changes do occur in the body and as such a degree of lower back pain presents itself. So the first and foremost is to get that patient or that pregnant woman comfortable, out of the pain cycles... it's very important because you and I both know that nine months of pregnancy isn't exactly the easiest task.

Second of all, the earlier and the better we take care of that patient with regards to reducing their inflammation, getting them moving properly, getting rid of their muscle tension, getting them tension-free... the better they'll be going into their pregnancy and of course recovering afterwards as well.

So we see that in our office quite regularly and it's a fantastic experience treating pregnant women.


So there we have it. Chiropractic care is a wonderful way to treat the associated aches and pains that come with the changes occurring during a pregnancy.  Even the smallest relief during childbirth would be worth the visit. If you are in Vancouver BC, contact the Downtown Wellness Centre to arrange a consultation appointment as soon as you are able.

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