Is Chiropractic Care Considered Preventive?

Is Chiropractic Care considered preventive and how often should someone visit the Chiropractor? Questions we recently asked Dr. B and here is what he had to say on the matter:

Here's the transcript in case you missed it:

Hi I'm Dr. Raminder Badyal from the Downtown Wellness Centre, I'm a Chiropractor here.

Is Chiropractic Care Considered Preventive?

Preventative care is extremely important. The typical scenario is when a patient will come into our office in acute pain and acute stress which of course they want to get out of. So my aim in my office and my chiropractic practise is to get them out of that acute cycle as soon as possible. So we give a time frame for that, hopefully it's a few days; it's a week; so on and so forth. In that period we're going to see the patient a little more frequently.

However after they're out of the acute cycle then what we do is we put them on a preventative and supportive care cycle, if the patient chooses to do that. And the intent of that is to keep them functioning as well as they possibly can throughout the rest of the time that they're going to be around. But also to make sure that the issue doesn't come back.

Now very often what happens is most patients in my office that actually go onto a maintenance schedule whether it's once or twice a month they're generally pain free functioning well throughout the year, as opposed to injuring themselves again and then coming to see our office more frequently to get them continually out of the acute pain cycle. And in my experience what that does is:
A) it prevents the patient from having to go into those acute pain cycles, and
B) also saves them time from being in the office and not at work and not functioning and doing what they do.

So what I recommend to them is not only that they come to visit on a supportive maintenance cycle once a month, twice a month from a chiropractic perspective so we can take care of their bones; their muscles; their nerves. And so on and so forth; and discuss what's going on in their health life, but also to prevent them from being in pain all the time. That of course will take them away from their daily activities.


Thanks for helping us understand how Chiropractic care should be preventive but is often considered as reactive.

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Dr. Raminder Badyal
Dr. Raminder Badyal
Vancouver chiropractor
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