Is Better Posture a Chiropractor's Primary Goal?

Posture and chiropractic seem inextricably intertwined. Bad posture equals back pain, and chiropractors are often very concerned with correcting posture, so we wanted to know if this was a chiropractor's primary goal? Dr. Badyal explains:


Here's the transcript in case you missed it:

Hi I'm Dr. Raminder Badyal from the Downtown Wellness Centre. I'm a Chiropractor here.

Is Better Posture A Chiropractor's Primary Goal?

Posture is very important. It's not necessarily an end goal, it's one of THE factors that are involved in making sure the patient gets better. So, if the patient does come in with some spinal discomfort; for example: somebody that sits in front of a computer every day, and their posture is not the best. Part of getting them better and preventing the issues that they have, for example: in their neck and upper back. Is to make sure that the posture isn't causing or partially causing the issue. So when we educate the patient, posture, with regards to sleeping, posture with regards to standing, posture with regards to sitting in front of the computer should definitely be discussed.

Thanks for helping us understand that Dr. B.

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