Harvard Medical School Report Supports Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain

A 2012 report published by Harvard Medical School supports what we as Chiropractors have been practicing successfully in our offices for over a century:  that chiropractic treatment for lower back pain is not only effective but also more satisfying and less disabling for our patients.

The Harvard Medical School Special Health Report, titled Low Back Pain – Healing Your Aching Back (published by Harvard Health Publications) defines the factors that lead to and contribute to low back pain and the treatment options available for patients to treat it. The report notes that of these treatment options, chiropractic care is listed as a therapeutic option for patients suffering from acute lower back pain that reduces both pain and the necessity of medication for some of these patients.

The report also examines a 2010 review of 12 different studies involving 2,887 people with low back pain which at that time concluded:  “…chiropractic care improved short-and medium-term pain more than other treatments, including exercise, physical therapy, and medication….people who saw chiropractors also reported being less disabled over the short term (one month) compared with people who received other treatments such as standard medical therapy.” (page 26)*

The effectiveness and the satisfaction of chiropractic care continue to be proven not only at the scientific research/review level but also everyday in our positive interaction with our patients in our offices.  To obtain and further examine this report, please follow the link:



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