Do Chiropractors Prescribe Medication?

Most visits to a general practice doctor will mean a prescription for one medicine or another. We asked our chiropractor Dr. Badyal if he would ever prescribe medicine to his patients, and he was very forthcoming with his answer. We also ask Dr. Badyal if it's safe to pursue a chiropractic treatment after an injury.

All of this is part of an ongoing video series for Dr. Badyal. Weekly answers to the questions you always wanted to ask.

For those without access to the sound of the video, the transcript is provided below.

Hi, I'm Dr. Raminder Badyal from the Downtown Wellness Centre, I'm a chiropractor here.

Do Chiropractors Prescribe Medication in Canada?

Chiropractic is a hands on, natural, drug free therapy. So what we do is, we provide the alternative to medication or prescription care. So the answer to that would be "No". And to get around that of course the natural way to treating disorders, whether they be in the muscles, bones, nerves is what we're good at, and what we specialize in.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe After an Injury?

Whenever you have an injury or whether you're in an acute setting with regards to your pain and disability, we want to see you right off the bat. And there's a couple reasons for that. The first and foremost: the earlier you get treatment the better off you'll be with regards to progressing and getting back to a pain free status.

You'll come into our office. We'll first of all do a history, figure out exactly what's happened to you, what your past medical history is, what happened in this specific episode to cause you discomfort or the pain that you're in, do a full examination and then create a plan of management that's A: going to get you out of the pain cycle that you're in and also B: get you back into whatever activity or whatever kind of work you do and also C: to get you recovered and get you out of the pain cycle so you don't actually get back into that pain cycle again.

So the intent is to get you well, and to keep you well afterward.

Coming Up Next

Dr. Badyal will continue to answer questions in this video series. Next week we will consider chiropractic care for children, and when it should be considered as a reasonable treatment.

To ask your own questions, you can contact Dr. Badyal personally, or schedule an appointment to have a chiropractic consultation at the Downtown Wellness Centre.

In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy Vancouver.


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