To Detox, or not to Detox - That is the question!

To detox or not to detox? Many people have asked that question and wonder - are they really helpful? Once or twice a year it is a good idea to reset the body and get rid of excess toxins. We break down what toxins are, potential health problems and how proper detoxifying can help your system.

What are toxins?
Toxins include chemicals that we can’t digest such as pesticides, additives, food dyes, and non-food ingredients found in over-processed foods. Toxins also can be inhaled through the lungs or absorbed into the skin such as with use of various creams and lotions. Consider your surroundings and things you consume daily – pesticides, insecticides and chemicals in just about everything we breathe, touch, eat or drink; cigarette smoke, air pollution; antibiotic use in agriculture and human medication – they aren’t always readily visible, but the challenges are consistently there. Storage of toxins is usually in fat cells where they can accumulate over time.

What issues can toxins cause?
Over time, as our detoxification systems get backed up or become overwhelmed, the result can be the emergence of a variety of health conditions ranging from mild to serious. Symptoms vary from person to person, but when toxin loads get high, metabolism slows down and the liver is unable to detoxify at optimum levels. This can lead to chronic fatigue, headaches, poor digestion, weight gain, bad breath, cravings, fluid retention and hormonal imbalances and more!

What are the benefits from a proper detoxification?
By embarking on a cleansing or detoxifying program appropriate to one’s needs, we can help our natural systems to get rid of toxins. A proper detoxification gives the body a break from high exposure to toxins and at the same time optimizes liver function and excretion of these unwanted chemicals. Cleanses can be quite specific to one system. A general detoxifying program and cleanses do not have to be aggressive or unpleasant. Making short or long term dietary changes can bring varying results. Upon completion of a proper detox, you should feel more energetic, have eliminated sugar cravings, improved the appearance of skin and potentially lost weight.

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Dr. Raminder Badyal
Dr. Raminder Badyal
Vancouver chiropractor
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