Chiropractor Helps Competitive Snowboarder Get Back On The Slopes


Guillermo M. walked into Vancouver’s Downtown Wellness Centre after suffering with acute lower back pain for 3 weeks. His back spasms were so bad that Guillermo was wondering if he would ever get back on a snowboard again?

Guillermo had hurt himself lifting a heavy tarp at his place of employment a few weeks earlier. But it wasn’t just the tarp injury that was weighing heavy on Guillermo’s mind – he was also suffering from another disability. It was with this gloomy outlook that Guillermo came to visit Vancouver Chiropractor Dr. Raminder Badyal.

Dr. Badyal got to work immediately. Prescribing an intensive first week of both in-office treatments and a home prescribed rehabilitation regimen. After just one week of Chiropractic treatment Guillermo was very happy to report that he was pain free and back to normal function! An incredible improvement considering the shape Guillermo found himself in when he first came to visit us.

It wasn’t long before Guillermo was back on the slopes once again. He is now treated by Dr. Badyal on a monthly maintenance basis to ensure optimal snowboarding performance and to prevent any further injury from occurring through a proactive chiropractic treatment plan developed by Dr. Badyal.

Guillermo was so excited to be back on the slopes, he recently sent our office this fantastic video.

All the best Guillermo!

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