Are Custom Orthotics Really Worth It?

You can buy orthotics at most drug and corner stores these days. "Your feet are just a number" we're told. So why bother with getting a custom orthotic? What makes a custom orthotic better and are they really worth it? We asked Dr. Badyal to explain:

Here's the transcript in case you missed it:


Hi I'm Dr. Raminder Badyal from the downtown wellness centre. I'm a Chiropractor here.

What Makes Custom Orthotics Better?

So when you actually SEE a patient for orthotic care or to prescribe an orthotic. It is very important that all the steps to examine the patient are done properly. Not only are we examining the patients feet, to make sure there's no bio-mechanical issues, or to fix those bio-mechanical issues. We also have to take into account what the patient does on a daily level. What their weight is, what their body type is, what kind of activity they are undertaking every day. What kind of shoes they wear. So all these parts come into play and you actually have to inter-mix these parts, and assess them all to actually provide a comfortable orthotic. Often times if we miss any of these parts, which has sometimes been the case in the past, patients will complain about comfort levels or that the orthotic's not being the best suited for them. So you have to make sure that you get all of these factors in line prior to actually producing the orthotic. And that's what we do in the office here, we make sure that all those steps are followed. And make sure that the patient not only has a orthotic that supports them well but also is very comfortable for them on a daily basis.


Thanks for helping us understand that Dr. B.

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