Aches And Pains From Cold Weather

Chiropractic Care and the Weather.

When the weather starts to change outside, joint aches and pains become a very common thing, especially for those with pre-existing injuries. Some people claim that they will even know when it is about to rain, thanks to a particularly sensitive foot, or shoulder. This could all be true. Professionals have theorized that the slight changes in barometric pressure will affect our joints and muscle tissue at a microscopic level. For some, that is enough of a sensation to make some fairly accurate weather predictions.

How to Cope With Cold Weather Aches

Dress Warmly. Wear layers. We might not be able to change the weather, or the barometric atmosphere, but we can help our muscles to feel relaxed by keeping them warm. A relaxed muscle will adjust to pressure changes much more quickly, and keep you from being too uncomfortable.

Move around. Staying on the couch under a blanket all day may be a good way to keep warm, but your muscles will not enjoy the restricted movement. Getting up, and having a little bit of exercise will keep your joints fluid and loosened up. If you don’t know what kinds of exercises are healthy for your joints, ask your chiropractor to give you a few examples. Strong and flexible muscles and joints tend to be much happier, regardless of the weather.

Educate yourself. Much of the physiological discomfort that occurs in the body is over before very long when a change in the weather takes place. Being in chronic pain though, can make this fact hard to remember. If you find yourself cursing the weather gods because of a new pain in an old injury, try to relax. Take a deep breath and remember that this pain is only temporary while your body adjusts to the pressure. The human body is remarkable for its ability to adjust to these kinds of atmospheric changes, and a positive outlook is always beneficial for improving our day. Knowing that a pain is temporary can go a long way toward relief.

Do not ignore your pain.

If an ache goes from bad to worse, blaming the weather and ignoring it altogether will not help you to heal. Sometimes the cumulative stresses of the holiday season, combined with the cold weather can cause injury without realizing what has happened. If a pain does not resolve itself, please make an appointment to see Dr. Badyal at your earliest convenience.

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