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Award Winning Vancouver Chiropractic Care

With over 25 years of clinical experience, our doctors and practitioners led by award winning Vancouver Chiropractor Dr. Raminder Badyal, offer our patients a diverse range of evidence-based treatment options. Our integrated and holistic approach allows the Downtown Wellness Centre’s health care team to best focus on accurately diagnosing and effectively treating our patients thus allowing each of them to regain their well-being so that they can optimally function each and every day. Established in 1999, the Downtown Wellness Centre has become a leader in the provision of successful health and wellness care.

Meet Dr. Raminder Badyal

Dr. Raminder Badyal’s vision of a health care clinic in the heart of Vancouver began in 1999 and has evolved into a Wellness Centre that provides excellence in the provision of natural health care services including chiropractic care, custom prescription foot orthotics as well as professional allied partnerships with registered massage therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, kinesiology/active rehabilitation, clinical counselling, personal training and medicine.

Dr. Raminder Badyal

“My first priority is to deliver the highest quality professional health care to our patients in our clinic’s relaxed and welcoming setting. Over the past 25 years my goal as a Chiropractor has been to foster lasting and working relationships with each of my patients so that we together can meet and exceed their health care goals. In my office, every effort will be made to meet and exceed the needs of our patients every day."

Your Downtown Wellness Centre

New Patients, Welcome to the inclusive and comfortable environment we have created at the Downtown Wellness Centre. If you are experiencing any type of pain or discomfort, we can set up a consultation with our Vancouver Chiropractor, Dr. Raminder Badyal today. After a thorough history and physical examination, he will arrive at a diagnosis and effective plan to manage the issue properly so that you can regain your healthy way of living. Don’t delay, book your chiropractic appointment with Dr. B. now.

Direct Billing To Insurance Companies

WCB Claims

We Accept Workers Compensation Board Chiropractic Claims

ICBC Claims

We Accept Insurance Corporation of British Columbia Chiropractic Claims

MSP Claims

We Accept BC Medical Services Plan for Chiropractic and Other Medical Claims

Extended Insurance

We Direct Bill To Extended / Medical Health Plans On Our Patient's Behalf
For the convenience of our patients, our office deals directly with MSP, ICBC and WCB billing. If you are involved in an automobile or work-place accident, simply make an appointment at our office. For each of these services, the Chiropractor is considered a primary care physician and a referral is not necessary for treatment. We are also equipped to directly bill most extended health care insurance companies for chiropractic services. Simply bring your health claim number or extended insurance information with you on your first visit and our office staff will take care of the reporting and billing.

Here is a list of insurance companies our office directly bills and works with:
LI UNA local 183 & 506
Based on 170 reviews.
Yoshiko Kubo
Yoshiko Kubo
I had pain in my right hip for four years. It was getting worse every winter. Last summer, I decided to give my body a birthday present. "Painless Future" I asked my co-workers, " Do you know a good practitioner? " Two of them answered immediately. "I strongly recommend Dr.Raminder Badyal !" They explained to me that they had tough times because of severe pain. They also told me that there was no pain after the treatments. OK. I would see the doctor and find out if his treatment would work for me. (I was very skeptical.) It was summertime, and I had no pain. I explained to him my situation during the wintertime. Dr. Badyal checked my body, and after a few minutes, he found an inflammation spot. I was shocked to learn that pain was hiding. I realized it was important to treat it before it got worse. Last winter, I was pain-free. I even forgot that I had pain before. For a patient visiting the doctor's office is a stressful event. Dr. Badyal's office is different. When I see Bruce, a receptionist, I feel happy. Dr. Badyal knows what I need: treatments and advice to keep me healthy. The most important thing is to do what Dr. Badyal told you. The homework. You, Dr. Badyal, and Bruce will be a team to make your life much better and richer.
Josselin Pierre
Josselin Pierre
Dr Badyal has been a really great help with my chronic back pain for four years now. Always caring and accommodating of emergencies, he constantly provides in-depth advices and recommendations that go beyond the scope of just addressing the immediate symptoms. It's worth mentioning that Bruce, his MOA, is absolutely great and a makes paperwork and scheduling a pleasure!
nilisha nathani
nilisha nathani
Very skilled doctor , Me and my husband are delighted with treatment provided by Dr Raminder and office manager always has a smiling face so it feels good to be welcomed with a happy face !
Dianne Pyves
Dianne Pyves
I seriously needed help so I googled chiropractor near me. The Downtown Wellness Centre link caught my eye. Reading through the site I felt hope that Dr Badyal would have a different approach then what I had been used to. His Office Manager Bruce is wonderful. He made me a next day appointment. I arrived with heavy baggage. After almost 40 years of monthly adjustments I still had chronic neck/upper back pain and because I had stopped going to anyone during covid problems had progressed down my left arm all the way to my little finger. Decades of poor posture, slouching over a computer and general lack of fitness had taken their toll. After seeing Dr B for only one month I have far less pain and his team work philosophy of helping me to help myself makes so much more sense to me. He’s showing me how effect a cure as opposed to just putting a bandaid on my symptoms and for that I can’t thank him enough!
Dr. Badyal is an excellent , dedicated and hard-working chiropractor. Also noteworthy is his passion, adequate knowledge and experience in his treatment plans. My wife and I got healed of our back pain. He explains well what causes our problem and how to manage it. Would highly recommend. And his office assistant , Bruce is awesome.
Nica Lu
Nica Lu
I had back pain for the past year and nothing seems helping. Since I saw se Raminder Badyal I am back to dancing studio 😇
Victoriano Perez
Victoriano Perez
He is the best chiropractor. The office is in a great location, since you enter you feel welcome by Bruce in the reception, I had a horrible back/shoulder pain but now I can't complain about it. Got my orthotics with him to, they were quick and comfortable. Highly recommended
For years I heard my sister rave about her Chiropractor and after a MVA I went to see Dr. B. I received an exceptionally high level of treatment care and support through all the physical and emotional aspects of pain management and recovery. I am continuing see Dr. B for maintenance and I truly look forward to these appts! Bruce at the Front Desk does an outstanding job at managing all of his duties while still being present with me and after the appt I always leave with a brighter outlook on things. I’m tremendously grateful for both of their work and the care they have provided for myself and my sister.
Chloe Tran
Chloe Tran
One of the best Doctor in Town! Highly recommended. Love all the staff at their downtown location!

Meet Vancouver Chiropractor- Dr. Raminder Badyal


Vision & Mission For Downtown Wellness


Dr. Raminder Badyal’s (Vancouver Chiropractor and Founder of The Downtown Wellness Centre) vision of multi disciplinary health care clinic in the heart of Vancouver has evolved into a Wellness Centre that provides excellence in the provision of natural health care services


To remove all barriers to health with truth, understanding, and education with a commitment to excellence and care, openness to new ideas, and equality for all through the science, art and philosophy of my professional discipline.

What Dr. Badyal Does

As a Chiropractor, Dr. Badyal specializes in the treatment of acute and chronic neuromusculoskeletal injuries. Through the use of well rounded treatment protocols that include chiropractic adjustments, electrotherapeutic modalities, soft tissue techniques, exercise/stretch prescription, nutritional/lifestyle counseling, postural assessment, and foot orthotic therapy, each patient is assessed and treated from a holistic perspective. These treatment plans are supported by sound patient education which allows for a successful partnership in reaching our set health goals. Dr. Badyal strongly believes that his role is to facilitate the patient’s optimal body function without any pain or limitation on a daily basis; the true meaning of body wellness.

What You Can Expect

When patient's book a consultation with Dr. Badyal for an acute or chronic structural or functional issue with their body, the goal becomes to accurately determine the cause, treat the issue and then follow up by a plan that places a key focus on preventing it from returning by maintaining proper health and wellness. At our office with Dr. Badyal you can expect:

* A welcoming and comfortable clinic environment
* A comprehensive health history of your complaint
* A comprehensive physical examination to determine the cause of your health issue
* A complete plan to manage your health
* Well rounded treatment protocol and patient education
* Consultation and referral with other health specialties as required

Proud Recipient of the 2021 "Best Chiropractor in Vancouver" Award!

Dr. Raminder Badyal - Vancouver Chirorpactor

Quality Business Awards, awarded Dr. Raminder Badyal -Vancouver Chiropractor as The Best Chiropractor in Vancouver for 2021. An overall quality score exceeding 95% was achieved, making him the top ranked in Vancouver.
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The Downtown Wellness Centre

Dr. Badyal and the entire team at Downtown Wellness Centre feel so honoured to have such amazing patrons and clients. Here is what some of them are saying.,.
  • "Dr. Badyal changed my life. I've had severe back issues for over 10 years limiting the kind of exercises I do and consistently living with debilitating pain. I recently re-injured it to the point I was unable to walk for a week and was bed ridden for over a month. Slowly I began to walk again ..."
    NOVEMEBER 2021
    "I went here with extreme lower back pain and within first few sessions, I felt a lot of difference. Dr. Raminder also suggests stretching exercises which are very important part of the cure and you should not skip them. I highly recommend this place."
    D. SAI
    NOVEMBER 2021
  • "Dr. Badyal is down to earth and very pleasant. He has helped me with my neck pain and gave great advice about posture and desk set up at work. Also has a great sense of humor as does Bruce at reception"
    OCTOBER 2021
    "Dr. Badyal is an excellent chiropractor. I have a decent scoliosis curve and Dr. B always took the time to work on my muscles before he made any adjustment. The office is always a pleasant place to be."
    OCTOBER 2021
  • Dr. Raminder is exceptional in identifying the cause of the pain and curing it completely. My neck stiffness issue was completely disappeared in couple of week after the treatment. He is friendly, knowledgeable and energetic with his patients. I strongly recommend Dr. Raminder.
    MARCH 2021
    Been going to Raminder almost every 2 weeks now for the last 2 years. Raminder has really helped me with my slouching and my posture has definitely improved. He is super down to earth and explained everything from the get go in easy to understand terms. I have less back pain...
    A. JUKIC
    MARCH 2021
  • Sincere recommendation! After only a few therapies with Dr. Raminder Badyal, the terrible pain I had in my shoulder for months due to a frozen shoulder subsided. Very professional and kind Dr. Raminder Badyal, efficiently and quickly recovers my shoulder and restores movement...
    FEBRUARY 2021
    I've been seeing Dr. Badyal for several years now, on a regular basis. I saw him at first for extremely debilitating sciatica, at the advice from a co-worker who had been going to him. I tried acupuncture, massage therapy, physio and nothing worked. The pain was 24/7 and ...
    L. SAKAL
    FEBRUARY 2021
  • Dr. Badyal has been a tremendous help over the past few months! I went to see him with lower back pain that was making normal movements very difficult, within a couple visits I was walking normally and back to living life without any back pain. Office staff is very welcoming, Bruce...
    DECEMBVER 2020
    I went to see Dr. Badyal as a new patient to address what had become a chronic issue with my shoulder. Dr. Badyal very quickly diagnosed the problem and initiated an effective treatment program that resolved the pain and stiffness I had been experiencing in relatively short...
    L. SWIB
    JANUARY 2021
  • VERY client focused! I've gone to see Dr. Badyal several times for my lower back issues and have only ever received amazing treatment. Medically, professionally, and personality-wise... Dr. Badyal and Bruce are both amazing people. I almost look forward to hurting my back again so I ...
    L. BEE
    JANUARY 2021
    My appointment started on time and Dr. Raminder Badyal was very friendly and informative. My adjustment helped to relieve my neck pain and I left with a treatment plan to help reduce inflammation. The administrative assistant at the front desk (Bruce) had a great attitude and was...
    JANUARY 2021
  • I have been a patient with Dr. Badyal for over 15 years now. He is an absolutely wonderful chiropractor! He always takes the time to listen to what ails you and works with you to correct the issue, not just provide an alignment. He has treated me through car accidents and pregnancy...
    NOVEMBER 2020
    Both Dr. Badyal and Bruce are amazing humans! Since wfh, I had an excruciatingly painful neck pain followed by back pain and they immediately booked me in and treated me. Dr. B also provides regimens to do at home after treatment --icing and stretches. The entire process was...
    DECEMBER 2020